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Recruiting Calendar

January 2018
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February 2018
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The Application Process

The Telecommunicator application process is extensive by design. The successful candidate will be responsible for the safety and well-being of the approximate one million residents and visitors to Montgomery County. It is our duty to ensure that the teams we build are up to this challenging task. The following explains, in brief detail, our complete hiring process. The successful candidate will need to be available for each portion of the testing process, and the order of the process is at the discretion of the Communications Division staff. Expect the complete application process to take up to 5 months before an offer of employment can be made. The application process can be initiated by either contacting our office to schedule pre-employment testing and submitting an employment application after your testing session or submitting a County employment application to our office. Applications can be found by clicking on the 'Application Forms' link on the left hand side.


Applications for the next class are being accepted.  The recruiting process is constantly underway and we are currently accepting applications for future classes. Applications may be downloaded using the 'Application Forms' link on the left side of the page. Also be sure to check the recruiting timeline as well. Submit your application now to be considered for the next upcoming class.  Please do not submit resumes or applications via email or FAX.  They must be submitted via a job website, by mail or in person at 50 Eagleville Road, Eagleville PA 19403.


If you were a part of a previous recruiting session but did not make it all the way through the process, you must start over.  This includes resubmission of application and resume and re-testing.  


CritiCall™ Testing

Criticall® testing software simulates the job skills necessary to be a successful Telecommunicator. Applicants will have the opportunity to schedule a test appointment by calling 610-631-6512. Selected candidates will be involved in a brief interview process and asked to complete some documentation in the weeks following this test phase.

The testing session could take up to two hours to complete. We recommend that you review the testing preparation and instruction documents available by clicking on the 'Application Forms' link in the menu to the left . After the test, each candidate will be mailed a letter informing them of their test results and the remaining application steps.


Initial Screening & Pre-Interview Questionnaire
You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire followed by a five to ten minute conversation with a member from the selection panel.


Personal History Questionnaire
You will be provided with access information and instructions to complete an extensive personal history questionnaire. Assistance in gaining internet access will be provided to any applicant that would, otherwise, not have access to this service.


Oral Interview With Selection Panel

Interviews will be scheduled for those continuing on in the process. 


Job Shadowing

Job shadowing will be scheduled for those continuing on in the process. During this phase, the candidates will select a four (4) hour time slot where they will have the opportunity to observe a seasoned Telecommunicator. 


Background Investigation / Reference Check
An extensive background investigation will be conducted including reference checks, background checks, and home visits by the Department’s law enforcement staff. This will begin immediately following the job shadowing phase for those continuing in the process. This process can take between two (2) to three (3) weeks to complete, depending on the amount of candidates left in the process.


A conditional offer of employment will be extended to those selected for the available positions. Between receipt of the conditional offer and the beginning of academy training, you will be required to complete several medical and/or psychological exams. This will also provide you ample time to extend a proper two (2) week notice to any current employer.


Drug Screening / Physical Examination
Applicants must successfully pass a pre-employment physical, including a drug screening. Job duties deemed typical for a telecommunicator will factor into the physical examination.


Applicants who are given an offer of employment will be given the following information:

  • A written offer of employment
  • An offer of employment expiration date
  • The Division’s role, purpose, goals, policies, and procedures
  • The working conditions and regulations
  • Responsibilities and rights of employees
  • Information explaining the 1 year probationary period that is required for their position following completion of entry level classroom training.

    At no time should probationary status be construed as a contract or guarantee of employment. All employees of the County of Montgomery are employees at the will of the County and have no actual, express or implied expectation of continued employment.

    Ineligible candidates will be informed in writing within 30 days of such a decision, and may re-apply after 12 months.