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Recruiting Calendar

January 2018
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February 2018
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Recruiting FAQ

What Shift Will I Work?

All shifts are currently 12-hours in duration, and begin at either 7am or 7pm.

VERY IMPORTANT: New Telecommunicators should expect to be assigned to the 7pm - 7am shift for a minimum of 24 months.

A typical two-week cycle would be the following:

Week 1
Monday, Tuesday - WORK

Wednesday, Thursday - OFF

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - WORK

Week 2
Monday, Tuesday - OFF

Wednesday, Thursday - WORK

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - OFF


Are You Hiring Part-Time Telecommunicators?

Telecommunicators are highly trained, highly skilled professionals that must constantly stay abreast of changing technology.  It is difficult to maintain this level of skill on a part-time basis.

We are not currently hiring part-time employees.


What Certifications Do I Need?

No certifications are necessary prior to training. All certifications are gained as part of the training process.


Is There Something I Can Study Before Testing?

Please download and read the CritiCallâ„¢ testing instructions before you arrive. This will allow you to begin testing right away, and shorten the amount of time required.


When Does Training Start?

Applications are now being accepted for future classes.  Training will take place at the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center at 50 Eagleville Road in Eagleville, PA.  Please review the Recruiting Timeline from the left menu for more detailed information.


How Long Does Training Last?

The classroom training program lasts approximately TWELVE to FIFTEEN weeks.  It is broken down to:
- One week for APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator 1 certification
- One week for APCO Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) certification
- Ten to thirteen weeks consisting of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), Montgomery County geography, Phone system training and simulation training.

Live Communications Center training lasts between two to four months depending on the individual.


Is Training Paid?

Yes, training is PAID.  Training salaries are based on a 40-hour work week.  A salary increase occurs when trainees are integrated into the Communications Center schedule after training.


How Can I Submit My Application and/or Resume?
Applications and resume's can be mailed to the Department of Public Safety at 50 Eagleville Rd, Eagleville PA 19403 Attn: Recruiting or they can be dropped off at the same location.  We are not currently accepting applications or resume's via FAX.  An application can be found under the Application Forms link to the left.
Did You Receive My Application?

Once applications are received, they are held until a testing window opens.  At that point, applicants on file are called to schedule a testing appointment.  If you have not received a call within 2 weeks of the posted testing dates, please contact our office at 610-631-6512.


Is There A Residency Requirement?

No, there is no requirement to be a Montgomery County resident.


End Faq